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Hey Im new so thought I would inroduce myself. Well, I just did. This seems to be an Interesting place. Cant wait to meet you ppl.
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*waves* Hi
LOL Hi. So are you gonna tell me more about this community?
The rules pretty much say it.

Rules: ;-[

1)You are allowed two people of which you can: Sired (you turn them) or be Sired by (they turned you). (However, you don't get two Sires, you can only be turned by one person!)

2) Weres are allowed. Mention that they won't be vampires in the post.

3)More then one person can claim the same Sire,

4)Sire's may be switched and can be anyone, even if they aren't an actual 'vampire'. (friend, Goku, other anime/videogame person, rocker, j-poper... you get the idea)

5)No being rude, that'll get ya booted.

((And its nice to have someone new around))
Well I would have to keep my SIRE annonymous for right now but maybe eventally he/she will come out. And thank you for saying it good to have me around. I am glad to be here. Finally getting to be with ppl who understand me. And just so you all know im am a very passionate person and i hold my belives to heart. We may have dissagree ments about things but I would never be RUDE about it. I respect others and what there thoughts are.
That's good to know and your welcome.
Welcome to our chaos. I like fresh blood. ^_~
yes blood is a very tasty thing. i get as much as i can, when i can! cant live with out it! LOL
I don't know where I'd be without my gallon or so.